call center for order taking

Outsource Order Taking To Axiom BPM

The industry has arrived at the greatest development in past few years. After all, most businesses simply watch who sells their product through website, social media,radio, television or see the advertisement, and then make a call or click on the order button.

This fast process demands that business must have a round-the-clock process which allows callers or website visitors to place their orders successfully.

But more often than not, businesses who have not employed order taking services miss out on such important aspect at addressing their customers immediate needs. In the end, they loss profits and their competitors surge past them quickly.

In response to such difficult situation, AxiomBPM offers enhanced service by supplying quality experts to address such pressing need. We have the representatives who work 24 hours-a-day to ensure of perfect customer satisfaction.

At AxiomBPM, our service works together with real-time web system which is linked directly together with your company website or together with your email.

Our representatives convert your inbound calls directly into sales and go into the order within our real-time online system. You will see the process working as well using your own login, or we could send the data instantly to you through email.


Our Services Include:


  • Live order taking
  • Catalog order taking
  • Sales order entry


Why Delegate to Axiom?

We have that edge and give it to you when it comes to order taking services. At AxiomBPM, live order taking services has gone over automated systems such that the power to verify customer data on the phone is employed.

We know this is vital as this involves assortment of financial information which human interaction can well present.

We know so well that clients would always prefer to talk with an active representative and provide their order rather than talking to an automatic machine.

To hold on the equipment is much more frequently observed instead of hanging on the representative. Even when customer dangles up our representatives can give them a call back and then try to convince these phones buy our product or services.

Using our Services to supplement an in house staff or even while your only order taking strategy may have a significant effect on your cost and rise in profits figures.

Whenever your infomercial is released or perhaps a customer visits your site who would like to get your product, creating a call is frequently the customer’s first selection for getting in touch with you to be able to place or question your items the services you provide.

Our friendly reps will confer with your clients and satisfy all of them with their queries. This aspect is essential in case your product or services are complicated or even the customer wants more details or clarification concerning the product before they purchase them.

Moreover, our services are available to attend your calls 24/7/365 to ensure that you do not lose any of your sales or inbound call. Each and every call is going to be clarified in your account of the company.

Summary messages with particulars of every single message received around the particular day will be delivered to your email or it can also be e-mailed for you instantly.

Personalized call confirming. Enhanced routing features including automated menu selection and call overflow in position to facilitate cost-effective handling of huge call volume spikes.

Charge cards are approved and knowledge are transferred towards the client through guaranteed connection. Our inbound sales hype for order taking guarantees greatest area of conversions from inbound calls, clients details are maintained for future references even when a caller doesn’t make an order.

Later on, the same database can be used as outgoing calling and create the lead that will save overhead of selling later on.